In a prior blog post we took a look at the different types of heroes. Believe it or not, heroines can also be archetypes or as we discussed, they can be Alpha, Beta, and perhaps even gamma heroines.

It’s important to understand your characters so that you can make sure they work together. For example, if you have an alpha male and an alpha female then you ultimately know that the conflict will be a struggle for power.

For example, Kate Daniels in Ilona Andrews wonderful urban fantasy Kate Daniels series. Though, one might argue that Kate is more of a gamma heroine because she’s used to standing alone and doing her own thing. She has to learn to work with and trust her love interest, Curran. (It’s a fantastic series if you’re interested. I highly recommend it. I’m not an affiliate with Amazon so there’s no hook here, just an excellent book. Check it out – Magic Bites.)

Most heroines are beta heroines. They swoon to their alpha male and that’s fantastic. I’m certainly not an alpha female and I can appreciate a good romance with any type of heroine. However, if you’re writing an action adventure, suspense, or even a paranormal romance keep in mind that there is a place for an alpha female and it can make for some very interesting storytelling.

Here’s one person’s take on the alpha female:

“Alpha female, like alpha male, depends on such a sense of innate superiority that she’s probably not aware of her status. While she would be effortlessly talented and capable, she would need a reduced capacity for empathy, because otherwise it would derail her…. Achievement is the focus of alpha female’s life; anything else is secondary. She does not obsess about relationships. She is dominant: if she married alpha male, there would be a bloodbath.”


At any rate, while it doesn’t matter what type of heroine you write, it does matter how your hero and heroine come together. If you’re going to write an alpha female character you’ll have your work cut out for you to create a compelling male character that can keep up with her.

Have fun and happy writing!