Word for 2014

Every year I like to choose a word for the year. Last year the word was Faith, because I was facing some large life changes (all positive ones, but scary nonetheless).

This year I feel very inspired and am enthusiastic about 2014 in a different way. 2013 was challenging but rewarding. 2014 feels creative and exuberant.  I came across this photo of bubbles and it pulled me in. I adore the photo and it felt like the perfect backdrop for MY Word of the Year.

And I’m happy to share the word, there’s plenty of creativity to go around. However, it’s also important to find a word that resonates with you and to embrace it for the year.

You can even use simple free tools like Morguefile.com and  Pixlr.com to create a desktop image or screen saver. You can even print your word and hang it on your wall. Whatever inspires you to be your best and to have a great 2014. If you have a word for the year and you want to share it, we’d love to hear it.