Witch’s Masquerade”

Every year, the elite witches and warlocks of the city gather for a grand masquerade ball, where alliances are forged and rivalries are kindled. Your heroine is a powerful but reclusive witch. She reluctantly attends this year’s event, only to find herself inexplicably drawn to a masked stranger with a dark aura. Unbeknownst to her, your hero is the heir to a rival magical family. He has only bad intentions and only wants revenge for a past wrong. As their attraction deepens, they must navigate a web of deception, magic, and forbidden love to uncover the truth and break the cycle of vengeance.

Describe the moment the two lock eyes for the first time.

Why does your hero want revenge? What is the past wrong and who committed it?

Assuming he starts down the path and sets his plan for revenge in motion, what happens? 

How does he seek revenge?