One of the most interesting and often the most difficult challenges is to write a realistic hero. We all know how we’d like men to behave and think but often we’re just not sure if it’s realistic.  And guessing often doesn’t work.

I mean it’s not like we can remove their brain and analyze it right? (And it’s completely understandable if you don’t want to ask your brother, dad, husband or boyfriend for their opinion when you’re in the middle of a book. Sometimes it’s downright awkward and other times writing feels just a bit too private to have to explain to a family member or friend why you’re asking the question.)

Well I’ve done a bit of research and found some truly great resources for picking men’s brains about various topics and behaviors that come up when you’re writing.

#1 The Men’s Room at Romance Divas.  This is super cool. You can ask any question, sex, commitment, turn ons,  as long as it relates to the characters in your book.

#2 Sascha Illyvich. He offers a “Writing From The Male POV” workshop. It’s been offered at and Coffeetime romance.  I think if you visit or Google the workshop you can have access to the materials. It’s a good and very interesting course.

#3 Romance University. They offer a weekly lesson, it’s free, on writing from the male POV.

Finally, just for fun here’s a funny blog post from author Keri Arthur