By Kimber Chin

As I love reading historical romances, especially those set in Regency England, the first manuscript I wrote, horribly named The Dragon’s Protector, was a Regency. It was as terrible as its name.

I don’t have a historical voice. I love using the modern day slang a historical romance writer shouldn’t use. I write in short, blunt sentences. I skip writing the description most historical readers love. I have no patience for nitty gritty research. I don’t care what spoon a Regency Duke would use.

I’m also not suited to writing futuristic romances. Sci Fi and fantasy romance writers world build. They use our current world as bones so readers can relate. They then layer over top with ‘what if’s.’ What if our cellphones controlled us rather than us controlling them? What if we lived in a world covered completely with water? How would we adapt? Many futuristic romance writers are technology and innovation junkies.

I’m a contemporary writer. I write romances based in a world I know intimately, the business world. I’ve presented to Board of Directors. I’ve been fired. I’ve launched new products. I keep current with language and trends. I don’t want to live in another era. I love the here and now, with all its quirks.

There are pro’s and con’s to every setting. Historical romances have a longer shelf life. Because they are set in the past, they are less likely to become ‘dated.’ In Breach Of Trust, my contemporary romance, I have the hero using a cellphone. Two years from now, cellphones may no longer be used. If that happens, my book will no longer be contemporary.

What setting should you explore? Look at your non-fiction reading. Are you reading a tome on the history of Rome? Start with historicals. Do you read Science and Technology magazines? Try futuristic. Are you a newspaper reader? Contemporary might be your time period.

Once you start writing, you’ll know if you’ve found the right time period. It will feel right. It will be easier. It will be fun. If you’re not having fun, your reader certainly won’t.

Kimber Chin writes romance novels based in the business world. Her first novel, Breach Of Trust, is now available in eBook and Print. Every week, she offers a free read on her site

Article Source:  Writing Romance 101 – Historical, Contemporary Or Futuristic