A Wise Decision?

Your heroine has agreed to help your hero's ex (wife, fiance, girlfriend, you decide). Your heroine has mixed feelings about helping her. Jealousy and distrust are definitely an issue but your heroine is also the type of person who feels compelled to help people when...

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A Stubborn Damsel in Distress

Your heroine is being carried into the hospital by your hero. Why? What happened to her? Is this the first time she's meeting your hero or do they know each other? She doesn't want to be in the hospital. Why and what does your hero do to convince her to stay?...

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An Adventure of a Lifetime

Your heroine signs up for an adventure vacation. She’s tired of living a boring life and playing it safe. She gets to her destination and learns that she’s the only female on the trip. She’s with 11 other men of varying ages and sexual preferences. What happens? What...

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Sometimes we all need a little inspiration

 – a spark that ignites our imagination and excites the writing muse.

“Loads of ideas! Gave me great beginnings for a couple of novels I am currently writing!”

Tara Tara - Amazon Review

“This little book is amazing! I was so happy to find it! It was just what I needed to help spark some ideas!”


“Excellent ideas to help someone come up with a great plot for a book. I love to write, but sometimes come up with writers block. This book will be a great addition to my references. Thank you.”

Shirley - Amazon Review

“I’m forever struggling with coming up with story ideas. I have characters floating around inside my head. I have book cover ideas. I have great plot points. But before I start anything, I need to come up with a good overarching story idea. A setting, a situation, an idea. Someplace to put my character and watch him or her squirm. Enter this little book. Now, it isn’t the end all writing book of the century or anything, but its great for stretching your plotting muscle, great for getting those creative juices flowing, and great for improving those brainstorming sessions. It’s just a simple list of tons of different ideas for a paranormal romance. Just a simple list. But it is quite helpful. I have about 800 story ideas floating around in my head now! What a great idea!”

Amazon customer

“Love this book! The story starters were just what I needed to jump start my creativity as well as give tons of ideas to spin into a novel.”

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