10 Gifts for Romance Writers – Revisited

It’s the holiday season. I’ve spent the past two weeks wracking my brain trying to come up with good gift ideas for friends and family. If you have a writer in your life (or you want to buy a nice little something for yourself) here are a few ideas to consider:

*Coffee or Tea – Most writers that I know are heavy coffee, or tea, drinkers. The caffeine is stimulating and if they’re busy, then it gives them the extra edge they need to persevere and write when they’d rather sleep. And coffee gifts are budget friendly. A nice bag of specialty coffee and a beautiful mug can become part of their daily writing ritual.

*Moleskin Notebook – I have a handy pocket size Moleskin notebook that I take with me everywhere I go. I love it. Any writer needs a small notebook to take with them so they can capitalize on ideas when they occur. Moleskin notebooks are attractive and useful. And they’re budget friendly too.

*Pen – Do you have a favorite pen? I have several. And I could always use another more. I keep them with my moleskin notebook. Give the writer in  your life a beautiful pen.

*Bluetooth Keyboard – If your beloved writer has a smart phone or a tablet then they may appreciate a Bluetooth keyboard. There are no connection cables to worry about and it gives their fingers more room to wander. Apple has a fantastic full sized keyboard that fits into my purse! And it’s around $70.

*iPad/Notebook – If you have a bit of money to spend, consider buying the writer in your life a writing device that they can take with them. I have an iPad and I use it often. It’s heavy but it is compact. Google just released a laptop that runs about $250. It’s gorgeous, light, and thin.

*Soy/Beeswax Candle – Aromatherapy can help set the mood for a writer, especially if they’re writing romantic scenes! However, don’t buy a paraffin candle, buy a soy or beeswax candle because they’re free from artificial fragrances and other chemicals that can cause headaches.

*The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron– This is a 12 week course in

Cover of "The Artist's Way: Spiritual Pat...
Cover via Amazon

creativity and it’s a beautiful book. Whether the romance writer in your life is just getting started or has a few published books under their belt, this book will help them take their writing pursuits to the next level.

*Free Babysitting – If your writer is a parent, give them the gift of babysitting so they can set aside uninterrupted time to write.

* Champagne and Chocolate – Who doesn’t like champagne and chocolate? It’s a great gift and something to enjoy while writing those steamy romance scenes.

*1001 Romance Story Starters – If you know someone who is just getting started as a romance writer or a writer who is stumped for ideas, 1001 Romance Story Starters may help them jump right into creating the next bestseller.

Finally, gift cards to Amazon, Starbucks, and any office supply store are always welcome by most individuals. It gives the writer in your life the opportunity to choose their own gift.

Happy Holidays!


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Great gifts for all writers (not just romance writers)

Christmas Gifts

If you’re a little behind in your shopping or  you haven’t given your friends and family a list for the holidays, here are a few ideas to take note of:

Rustico Leather – They have journals, binders, iPad cases and so much more. I love, love, love my composition notebook cover. I use it daily. http://www.rusticoleather.com/

Moleskin – I have a small one that I keep in my purse so that anytime I have an idea, I can write it down.

Wreck this Journal – A little writing and creative fun for people who enjoy thinking outside of the box and stimulating their imagination. Get all four or buy just one.

Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott – “Think you’ve got a book inside of you? Anne Lamott isn’t afraid to help you let it out. She’ll help you find your passion and your voice, beginning from the first really crummy draft to the peculiar letdown of publication. Readers will be reminded of the energizing books of writer Natalie Goldberg and will be seduced by Lamott’s witty take on the reality of a writer’s life, which has little to do with literary parties and a lot to do with jealousy, writer’s block and going for broke with each paragraph. Marvelously wise and best of all, great reading.” Amazon.com Review

The Artist’s Way – Julia Cameron – “With the basic principle that creative expression is the natural direction of life, Julia Cameron and Mark Bryan lead you through a comprehensive twelve-week program to recover your creativity from a variety of blocks, including limiting beliefs, fear, self-sabotage, jealousy, guilt, addictions, and other inhibiting forces, replacing them with artistic confidence and productivity.” Amazon.com Review

Vintage Typewriter charm necklace – I want one. That is all. It’s cute and symbolic.

Single Serve Coffee Maker – I’m kind of digging this, but I usually drink a pot.

For the record, none of these links are affiliate links.They’re just awesome things that many writers would love to have. I’d love to hear from you. What writing gifts do you want and what gifts have you given?

Happy writing!

Little Cabin in the Woods – Holiday Romance Story Starter

sam_6246Your heroine owns and operates a holiday sleigh ride business in Colorado. She hitches a sleigh to her team of horses and takes tourists into the mountains on a romantic ride. When a snow storm catches her off guard she leads her customers to a small ranch owned by your hero. What happens?



Today’s story starter can be found with 1000 others in 1001 Romance Story Starters, available on Amazon in digital or print.

An Unexpected Holiday

10494840_10205121279088921_1080950733480674019_nYour heroine decorates people’s homes for Christmas. She’s a stylist who has a popular niche to style wealthy people’s homes for the holidays. She has a new client and on the first day in his home, realizes that he is recently divorced, bitter, and had no idea that his ex-wife hired a stylist for the holidays. What happens?

A Month of Holiday Story Starters!

Here we go, it’s December 1st and I’m kicking off a month of holiday Romance Story Starters. The season is a perfect time for romance and an idea that you start this December may be perfect to publish next November. Who doesn’t love a good holiday romance?

file000790306504Your heroine is a veritable Santa’s Little Helper. She’s working hard at her local community center to help bring the holiday spirit to families in need. She meets a little girl who is in desperate need for some Christmas hope and cheer.


Today’s story starter can be found with 1000 others in 1001 Romance Story Starters, available on Amazon in digital or print.

Keeping Your Writing Life on Track – Daily Greatness Planner Review

original_grandeA few months ago I purchased the Daily Greatness Journal. I promised friends and associates that I would review the journal after I had a few months of consistently using it. The Daily Greatness Journal is an effective blend of a journal and a planner.

I purchased it because I found myself struggling to translate the goals that I conceived in my regular journal with my day to day lifestyle. There’s a lot to accomplish and a lot of big dreams and goals, but making it happen in reality was a bit of a struggle.

And it isn’t that the goals are unrealistic, it’s just that in order to make something happen, there has to be both intention and consistent action. I was lacking the consistent action.

The Daily Greatness Journal was supposed to help me with this problem. So the question is…after 60+ days, how am I fairing and is this journal something that I would recommend to other writers, artists, and dreamers with big goals?

Yes. Here’s why…

The Front End

When you get your journal you’ll see that there’s a bit of work to do on the front end. You’ll be asked some tough questions about who you are, what you want, and why you want it. Honestly, when I opened this journal I did not expect this work. I read through the pages and the questions and then closed the journal for a week. I needed to think about my answers.

A week later, ready to get serious, I opened the journal/planner back up and started writing down my answers.

The front end helps you get clarity on what you want to focus on for the next three months. This inspiration and motivation really does make a difference.

The Day to Day

Every day you’ll sit down with your planner/journal and answer the questions on the page and plan the steps you’re going to take that day to achieve your goals. It keeps me on task and I’ve been much  more consistent with my actions than before. It does require you to sit down twice a day, once in the morning and once at night to assess the day. This is great because you end the day on a positive and thoughtful note. This consistent day to day planning has helped me meet my daily word count goals. Huzzah!

The Week to Week

At the end of every week there is an assessment page and a plan ahead page. This feature ensures that you hold yourself accountable to your goals while also considering how you are fairing. Let’s face it, sometimes things don’t go as planned and these pages help you figure out why and what you can do differently. The weekly check in has actually helped me tap into some new creative ideas and projects – always fun!

The Perks…

  • I love how pretty this book is. 464 pages of great design.
  • I love how it feels in my hands and how it looks on my desk.
  • I love that it is undated, which means you can start working on it tomorrow or next week and not miss any pages.
  • I love the inspirational quotes.
  • I love that gratitude is part of the daily process.

What I Would Do Differently…

Nothing is perfect and there are a few things that I would like to have in my journal.

I would like more space to journal. There’s really only a small space at the top of each page to free flow journal and the quarterly Genius page. This is in addition to the question and answer space on every page. I would like a little more space. I’ve solved this problem by journaling when I need to on a separate piece of paper. I add the paper to the planner and I’m good. Everything is organized.

I’d like more space to visualize. I realize that with all of the space I’d like to add to this planner/journal that it would end up being a 600 page book. However, it’d be cool if there were occasional blank pages where you could doodle or add photos or clippings of things that inspire you.

Finally, I’d love to see a specific Daily Greatness Journal for Artists. Presently there are a handful of journal/planners to choose from including:

  • Daily Greatness Journal – A Practical Guide for Consciously Creating Your Days (This is the one I purchased)
  • Daily Greatness Parents Journal: A Practical Guide for Raising Conscious Kids & Creating a Happy Home
  • Daily Greatness Wellness Journal: A Holistic Guide for Health, Wellness & Vitality
  • Daily Greatness Yoga Journal: Your Master Plan for a Beautifully Conscious Life
  • Daily Greatness Business Planner: An Actionable Plan For Exploding Your Business
  • Daily Greatness Training Journal: 12 Weeks to a Rocking Fit Body, Mind & Spirit

The journals are a bit on the pricey side. They cost $44.95. However, they have a no questions asked 30 day money back guarantee so there’s nothing to lose. You can also share a coupon with friends and family, if you love the journal, and get money back on your purchase. Refer just a handful of people and the journal is paid for. I love word of mouth marketing efforts because you know they’re genuine referrals.

So…if you’re interested in checking it out, I highly recommend it. Visit DailyGreatness.co.


And if you have any questions about it, please feel free to connect.

A Knight in Rusty Armor

Today’s Halloween Story Starter is a picture. Have fun with it. Is it a good Knight? An evil one? Is there a man or a woman in that armor?




You can also get more spooky Halloween themed story starters

101 Halloween Story Starters, Romance Writing Prompts to Spark Your Imagination at Amazon



And if you want a print/pdf version of it, you can grab it here 101 Halloween Story Starters PDF Version

Ritual Tree – Halloween Story Starters – Romance Writing Prompts


Your heroine has a tree in her yard that guides her, predicts the future, and helps her with her life.

It’s a family tree that’s belonged to them for centuries.

It has to receive an annual sacrifice to continue to work.

It’s that time of year and your heroine has to find a partner for the ritual.

Who does she find? What is the ritual and what must be sacrificed?

You can also get more spooky Halloween themed story starters

101 Halloween Story Starters, Romance Writing Prompts to Spark Your Imagination at Amazon



And if you want a print/pdf version of it, you can grab it here 101 Halloween Story Starters PDF Version

The Other Side of the Mirror



Your heroine is in a home that’s unfamiliar to her. She’s never been in it before and she’s getting a bad feeling from the house. She finds herself drawn to a mirror in one of the bedrooms. Looking into the mirror she starts to get sleepy. She closes her eyes for just a second and when she opens them, she’s on the other side of the mirror.

What happens?

Why is she on the other side of the mirror?

What or who is over there with her?



You can also get more spooky Halloween themed story starters

101 Halloween Story Starters, Romance Writing Prompts to Spark Your Imagination at Amazon



And if you want a print/pdf version of it, you can grab it here 101 Halloween Story Starters PDF Version


Last One Alive – Halloween Story Starters – Romance Writing Prompts




Your hero, or heroine, is on an underground cave expedition with a guide. Something happens.

It might be a monster, a murderer, or a natural disaster – that all depends on you.

The bottom line…they’re the last ones alive and they’re fighting for their lives.

What happens? Where are they?


You can find this Story Starter and many others in 101 Halloween Story Starters, Romance Writing Prompts to Spark Your Imagination*


Check it out here>>>>http://amzn.to/2dvTFe0

And if you want a print/pdf version of it, you can grab it here 101 Halloween Story Starters PDF Version